Call Center Quality Assurance Job Description

Quality assurance is an integral part of maintaining a high level of customer service.
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A call center quality assurance representative must measure and evaluate the performance of the customer service representatives who come in direct contact with the company's consumer base. The main goal is to ensure objectives are being met so that the company maintains operations at an optimal level. Quality assurance representatives use tools like call monitoring and audio recording software to evaluate representatives' performance metrics and assist upper management with discovering weaknesses and rewarding strengths in customer service.

Company Standards and Compliance

    Quality assurance representatives have usually spent time working in customer service so that they have a good product knowledge and are aware of the company's policies toward the use of scripts, sales requirements, and overall etiquette requirements. The quality assurance representative must ensure compliance with company standards. When monitoring calls, they typically listen for and follow a template of requirements, scoring representatives on the performance metrics set forth by the company.

Performance Metrics

    Typically, companies require that the quality assurance representative pay close attention to a variety of call behaviors and performance standards. For example, if a call-taker adheres to a script but fails to make a required sales offer, the quality assurance representative must report this to the appropriate management personnel. Other metrics might include speed and clarity of diction, product knowledge, objection handling and level of courtesy.

Customer Service

    Because customer service is a tenet of most call center telephone-based positions, the quality assurance representative must also pay close attention to the customer service skills expressed. When call-takers are ineffective at managing appropriate customer service practices, the quality assurance representative must be able to provide constructive feedback and provide training for the employee in question so they can improve their customer service skills. When the customer service skills witnessed are exemplary, the quality assurance representative must be forthcoming with positive feedback so the behavior is acknowledged and rewarded.

Professional Development

    A quality assurance representative must maintain a thorough knowledge of all company policies, especially in the event there are company changes that affect call-taking metrics or performance standards. Attendance at educational workshops and training classes ensures professional and technical knowledge, plus it establishes personal relationships with the telephone representatives for whom the quality assurance representative does the reviews.

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