Butt & Lower Back Workouts

Getting the backside you want is simple with specific strength exercises.
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Getting a round, tight butt and a sculpted lower back isn’t something that can be done with just dieting. You have to work those muscles in order to make progress. Cardiovascular workouts, such as walking up hills, and elliptical training can help in shaping your rear and toning your lower back, but strength exercises can target both areas more efficiently.

Ice Skater

    This exercise not only targets the butt and lower back, but it also engages the abs, hips and outer thighs. You’ll need a chair for this exercise. Stand with your feet a little less than shoulder-width apart behind the back of a chair. Extend your arms and hold the back of the chair for additional support. Bend your left knee slightly, engage the abs and extend the right leg out to the right side. Point the toes downward and rotate the right leg out. The right leg should then rotate behind the left leg as far as possible without touching the ground. Bend the left leg as you are extending the right and flex the inner thigh. Return to the starting position; repeat 12 to 15 times on one leg and then switch to the other.

Lunge Hinge

    The lunge hinge is another effective exercise for both the lower back and butt. For this exercise you can use free weights and a step for added intensity. Hold dumbbells in each hand with your palms facing your body. Lunge back with the right leg, placing your foot on the step, and bend both the left and right knee to a 90-degree angle. Make sure to keep the left ankle and knee in alignment. Squeeze your glutes as you stand up from the knee-bent position. Next hinge your hips forward and extend your right leg back, keeping it parallel to the ground. Lower your hands toward your knees. Push through your left leg and return to a standing position and lower your right leg. Repeat on both legs 12 to 15 times.


    This exercise doesn’t require any additional equipment. To get in position lie on your back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Feet should be hip-width apart. Contract the glutes and slowly lift the spine one vertebra at a time off the floor. Keep the glutes contracted and also tighten the hamstrings as you lift your body. Once you’ve created a diagonal line from your knees to your shoulders, return to the start position slowly, lowering one vertebra at a time. Repeat 12 to 15 times.


    Squats are a popular strength-training exercise for both the lower back and butt. If you are new to strength training you can do squats alone, and if you are more advanced, you can add free weights. Start with your feet apart, approximately shoulder width. If you choose to use weights, make sure you are holding them with your palms toward your body. Squat downward, keeping your back straight and ensuring your knees don't bend past your toes. Keep your weight over your heels and squeeze your butt as you slowly return to the start position. Repeat 12 to 15 times.

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