How to Build a Job Competency Profile

Job competency profiles can help match the right person to the right job.
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Matching the right employee for a job in your company is essential if you want the job done right. Job competencies are the knowledge, skills, personal character, abilities and other individual factors that help define the essential functions of any job or position. Positions in every company can be specifically tailored to fit the particular organization helping to improve efficiency and increase cost effectiveness.

    Step 1

    Write a job title that details the level of responsibility. For example, someone in a high management position in marketing might have the job title "Vice President of Marketing." This title indicates that the person assists the president of marketing or helps run the marketing department.

    Step 2

    Make a list of the major tasks required for each job in your company. Be specific in your task descriptions, and begin each statement with an action verb. Include the end result for the task. A good example would be, "copies all documents submitted by management for submission to customer's files." Include the time it should take to complete each task. You can determine this by observing a key employee performing each task.

    Step 3

    Detail any supervisor or lead worker tasks that an individual in this job might perform. For example, if the job allows the employee to hire or fire workers. Include any time the person on the job spends working or training others.

    Step 4

    Include any other tasks the job might require, including any secondary tasks, such as answering the phone or greeting customers. These tasks include anything that might be required as the need arises.

    Step 5

    Complete the profile of each job description. Include any degrees, licenses and certifications that make someone qualified to do the job. You may also consider the amount of experience it would take to complete each task. Define whether the job is entry-level or professional-level. Add any specific qualities or characteristics to perform the job, such as strong interpersonal skills, organizational skills, time management or initiative.

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