How to Bring Up Your Salary with a Boss

Confidently discussing salary with an employer can lead to your earning more money.
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Discussing salary with an employer can be a delicate -- even stressful -- situation; however, exploring your options for a bigger salary or a more substantial raise with your employer will not only give you a better understanding of where you stand, but you might even leave your boss' office earning more money. The key to discussing money with your employer is researching market trends and negotiating confidently.

    Step 1

    Research the average salaries for job position based on experience, skills, location and industry. Understanding where you stand compared with others in your position will enable you to decide how much of a raise or salary adjustment you can negotiate with your employer.

    Research your value and discuss this with your employer when discussing salary.

    Step 2

    Ask your employer if you can schedule a time to meet with her to discuss your salary. According to Mercer, a a human resources consulting company, the majority of companies plan next year's salaries by the end of the current year, so be aware of when the salary increase would take effect when negotiating.

    Ask your employer for a meeting in a casual way -- by dropping by her office or asking her at lunch.

    Step 3

    Discuss your salary with your employer during the meeting, being sure to confidently and calmly talk about your market research, what strengths you bring to the company and your accomplishments at your current role.

    Promote yourself to your employer while discussing salary.

    Step 4

    Listen to your employer attentively. Allow your boss to discuss her thoughts on your performance, your salary and the company's ability to give you a raise without arguing, rebutting or interrupting.

    Listen to your boss attentively so you can follow up with questions afterward.

    Step 5

    Ask questions and get clarification on anything that was unclear to you. Whether or not your boss has agreed to a raise and made an offer, asking questions you may have will ensure you are both on the same page.

    Ask questions and paraphrase what your employer has just told you so you are both on the same page.

    Step 6

    Accept the answer you're given. If your boss agrees to a salary adjustment and gives you the amount you wanted, that's terrific news. If not, give yourself more time to gain more experience and time with the company, then meet with your employer again another time -- at a newly scheduled meeting or at your next review -- to discuss again the possibility of earning more.


    • Demonstrate the value you’ll bring to the employer during your salary meeting.


    • Get the new salary number in writing.


    • Don't feel obligated to accept the first salary offer; negotiate if you're in the position to do so.


    • Don't be overly aggressive when discussing salary.

    Accept the answer you're given graciously, no matter the outcome.

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