How to Write a Cover Letter to Reapply for a Job at a Company That You Have Already Worked For

If you're applying for a former job, emphasize new skills you have acquired.
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Many employers have a rehire policy that allows you to come back and work for the company after quitting. Whether or not you are rehired depends on the skills and talent you brought to the table when you worked there, your reason for quitting and whether or not you quit the right way. To petition the employer for your job back, write a cover letter. Attach to the cover letter an updated resume to show any additional skills and experience you obtained since you left.

    Step 1

    Add a header to the cover letter that includes your name and address, the date and the name and address of the former employer you are petitioning. Use business formatting when creating the cover letter header.

    Step 2

    Address the hiring manager by name in a professional greeting. It is possible that the hiring manager has changed since you last worked for the company. Contact your former employer to determine who is in charge of hiring.

    Step 3

    Make your employment request in the body of the cover letter. Mention upfront that you are a former employee. Include the length of your employment and the position held.

    Step 4

    Mention contributions you made to the company during your previous employment, as well as accomplishments. If you have hard facts that prove your contributions to the company's bottom line, list those facts. Don't be arrogant: Humility is key. The point is to nicely let the employer know that you were a valuable employee.

    Step 5

    State your reasons for leaving in the body of the email. You don't have to be specific if you do not feel comfortable doing so. For instance, you can say “due to a family crisis” or “because of a family emergency.” If you do not have a good reason for leaving, the employer may not consider you for re-employment.

    Step 6

    Express your regret about having left the employer to work elsewhere, and ask for a second opportunity, stressing new skills you've acquired and how they will benefit the company.

    Step 7

    Advise the employer that you are willing to accept a different position if your old position is no longer vacant. Provide a contact telephone number and the best time to call you. Thank the employer for his time and for considering you for re-employment.

    Step 8

    Add a professional closing at the end of your cover letter, followed by your signature. "Sincerely" is most frequently used and widely accepted.

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