How to Breathe to Raise Kundalini

Raise your Kundalini energy using breathing techniques.
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What do watching a dog pant, curling your tongue and waving your arms maniacally like a conductor have to do with raising your Kundalini energy? They’re illustrative of the breathing techniques that you’ll need to do if you want to poke that sleeping snake awake in order to send that raw energy up your spine. You can still have your cup of Java in the morning, but also set aside about five minutes to really jump-start your day by breathing your Kundalini alive.

    Step 1

    Learn how to practice the Kapalabhati breathing technique by watching a dog pant. Notice how it takes fast and short breaths and how its abdomen thrusts out on every exhalation. Also called Skull Shining Breath or Breath of Fire, this technique is dizzyingly fast, so if you do feel dizzy at first, stop and add a few more seconds the next time. Sit comfortably with a straight back. Breathe in deeply and then thrust that air out through your nose in a short, sharp burst. Barely take another inhale and then exhale quickly. Speed it up and practice for 30 seconds to two minutes. Pair Breath of Fire with some kriyas or yoga moves to increase your Kundalini raising potential.

    Step 2

    Curl your tongue for this breathing technique. Pretend you’re sucking through a straw to get the right action. But if your tongue just can't curl, you can still practice Sitale or Cooling Breath to raise your Kundalini. Stick your curled or relaxed tongue out of your mouth and take a breath in. Retract your tongue, close your lips and exhale through your nose. Perform this breathing technique with your eyes closed for about two minutes.

    Step 3

    Raise your Kundalini through a pure act of joy -- the Breath of Joy that is. Stand with your feet apart and fling your arms above your head as you inhale. Exhale as you swing your arms out to the sides, and on your next inhalation shoot your arms up into the air again. End with a flourish by bowing and swinging your arms down toward the floor and exhaling with a loud, audible "Haaaaaa." Put on some rousing music if you like and continue Breath of Joy for an uninhibited, joyful two minutes.

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