How to Boost Your Immune System With Weight Lifting

Use a spotter when lifting heavy weights to avoid injury.
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When done right, weight training can make you healthier in many ways, including increasing the effectiveness of your immune system. This means that you can live your life with fewer breaks due to illnesses, which is something most busy women can appreciate. As you age, your immune system becomes less effective on its own, so it is important to help it in any way that you can. A healthy lifestyle, such as a good diet and getting enough sleep on a regular basis, can also help boost your immune system to its max.

    Step 1

    Exercise for 30 to 90 minutes at least four times per week to give your immune system an injection of power, according to Rush University Medical Center. This includes weight training, but you can also substitute moderate-intensity aerobic exercise some of the time. In fact, a combination of both weight training and cardiovascular exercise is best for your overall health. The most important thing for your immune system is to get your blood pumping on a regular basis.

    Step 2

    Rest your muscles for one day after a hard weight lifting session. You do not have to take every other day off, but rotate the muscles that you are working and take at least one or two days completely off per week. Overtraining has a negative effect on your immune system, so it is important that you find a balance between exercise and rest that works for you.

    Step 3

    Keep a training log that details your weight training routine each week. Note how tired you feel after each workout. If you regularly are experiencing fatigue from your weight schedule, it might be time to change it or decrease it so that you get more rest.

    Step 4

    Construct a weight training program that is right for your body and that feels good to you. Ask for help from a personal trainer if you have a hard time doing this on your own. You should be working out each part of your body, increasing your strength, and feeling good when you are done.

    Step 5

    Balance your weight training schedule with living a healthy lifestyle. According to Harvard Health Publications, it is not enough to exercise regularly. You also need to eat healthy foods, get enough sleep and eliminate negative vices from your life such as smoking and excessive use of alcohol. Stress lowers immune system function, so make stress reduction a regular part of your day. This is key to beat cold and flu season as much as possible by pumping up your immunity.

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