What Are the Benefits of Workplace Gyms?

A yoga class promotes team building.
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At work, there are days when projects don’t seem to end, deadlines can’t be met, customers can’t be satisfied and colleagues can’t agree on a solution. The stress of these situations on employees affects the company through frequent absences. According to Calgary Corporate Fitness, a Canadian company specializing in workplace health solutions, an investment in a workplace gym can produce a return of up to $10 for each dollar spent on employee health because of a significant reduction in employee absenteeism and overall health benefits. A workplace gym translates into healthy, energized and confident employees, giving exponential returns for a company.

Workplace Wellness

    The workplace can negatively affect an employee’s sense of balance and wellness if employees can’t cope with their stress. A workplace gym provides an outlet to relax the mind and body for employees to regain a sense of control. Exercise increases serotonin levels and releases endorphins in the brain which creates a better mood and positive outlook on life. It helps employees focus productively on projects and tasks. The social aspect of exercise creates happiness to stimulate conversation and enhance creativity for a positive effect at the workplace. Physically fit employees have energy overall to contribute to the workplace at their optimal level. (See Reference 6, 7)

Team Building

    In addition to being a personal haven, a workplace gym can provide employees with a convenient and healthy outlet for team building. Lunchtime yoga or a Zumba class at the gym breaks up the day, allowing employees to share a common interest. Exercising at lunch fits into the busy schedules of many employees. Some employees might be motivated to come to work earlier to enjoy the benefits of the workplace gym and start the day with their colleagues on a positive note. Others might prefer to relieve their stress at the end of the day. A workplace gym provides team building benefits from dawn to dusk.

Sense of Accomplishment

    The convenience of a workplace gym provides employees with an incentive to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Setting and achieving fitness goals and feeling a sense of pride with the results mirror the qualities held by valuable employees, and recognizing a feeling of accomplishment brings a healthy attitude to the workplace. Fit employees who approach their tasks more easily and face deadlines in the same manner accomplish tasks and are able to revel in a sense of achievement.

Bottom's Up

    According to Calgary Corporate Fitness, a workplace gym increases a company's bottom line. The company states, "For each dollar spent on employee health, the return is between $2.30 and $10.10." A workplace gym creates a sense of motivation for employees to come to work, hence reducing absenteeism. The adrenaline from working out increases employees' performance and productivity. Employees who participate in the fitness programs offered feel healthier overall, which reduces company health care premiums. It's a win-win situation for both companies and employees.

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