Workplace Fitness Challenges

Make getting fit a corporate goal.
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Workplace fitness challenges are a great way to build teamwork while helping employees get fit and have fun. Set up challenges that are simple enough for everyone to enjoy and can be done without interfering with the rigors of the daily workload. Once you have planned a challenge and gained managerial approval, remember to promote the activity so everyone in the organization has an opportunity to participate. Most off all, keep the fitness challenges fun!


    Physical fitness challenges are a terrific way to get employees out of their chairs and moving. Everyone comes out a winner, whether your company stages a walk-a-mile-a-day challenge, puts together a team for corporate marathon training or simply pits department against department to see which team can rack up the most steps in a month. Not only does physical exercise burn off unwanted calories, it helps clear the mind and keep the blood pumping.


    If the candy machine on your floor sees more action than the cafeteria salad bar, a nutrition challenge may be just the ticket to urge employees to eat better. Hold a team food day with a nutritional or all-natural theme, or consider putting together a nutritional company cookbook. Ask employees to donate healthy recipes for the cookbook, then have a company cook-off featuring recipes in the book. You could invite a nutrition expert to judge the contest and offer lunch hour meetings to discuss the importance of good nutrition.

Personal Growth

    Don't forget to promote personal growth during workplace fitness challenges. Hold a recognition ceremony for all the volunteers in your organization. As part of the ceremony, all volunteers can discuss why they volunteer and what they like about their favorite charity. You can give out coupons for free lattes for each self-improvement book read during the month, or provide free postage for greeting cards to encourage employees to reach out to friends and family for the holidays.

Weight Loss

    Lowered health risks can often lead to lowered absenteeism and reduced insurance rates. Do your part by sponsoring a workplace weight loss challenge. Divide participants up in teams with fun names such as Delicious Diva Delights and Carrot Stick Crunches. Provide free gym memberships or personal trainers to the team that loses the most combined weight over the course of a month. Set up a points system for every serving of fruits and vegetables employees eat during the workday. The points can be accumulated over six months and traded in for gift cards, time off or chocolate. No, wait. Chocolate would be just wrong—yummy, but wrong.

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