What Are the Benefits of High Rep Deadlifts?

High-rep deadlift workouts can help you reach your exercise goals.
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The deadlift is one of the most demanding weightlifting exercises you can perform, as it works muscles across your body, from your lower back to your legs to your abdominal muscles and obliques. Because of the intense nature of the deadlift, performing high repetitions of this exercise can be particularly effective at providing benefits for your body. Regardless of your workout goals, you'll likely find that adding high-repetition deadlifts to your workout program will help you reach them efficiently. Remember to always have proper supervision when working out with weights.

Weight Loss

    Performing high numbers of repetitions of the deadlift can assist in your weight-loss efforts. The deadlift is particularly well-suited to weight loss because it recruits many different muscles, which requires the expenditure of a high level of calories. Generally, the more muscle tissue an exercise recruits, the harder your body has to work to perform it, resulting in many calories being burned. By performing the deadlift many times in a high-repetition program, you'll be able to take advantage of the calorie-burning potential of the deadlift many times over.

Muscular Endurance

    If you perform a sport such as soccer, hockey or basketball or run cross-country, muscular endurance, particularly in your legs, is crucial for success. Having a high level of muscular endurance allows you to produce force over an extended period of time, so you can outlast your opponents in long races or throughout the duration of a long game. As the American Council on Exercise explains, high-repetition workouts are effective for improving muscular endurance more than lower-repetition workouts, so a high-rep deadlift workout program can significantly improve your endurance potential.

Improved Bone Density

    Poor bone density is an issue that affects many women, as gender-specific factors such as being female, aging and menopause all contribute to an increased risk of osteoporosis and weak bones. However, performing intense exercise may help you stave off weak bones. Heidi M. Weingart, M.A. and Dr. Len Kravitz of the University of New Mexico note that researchers have found intense resistance exercise to help increase bone mineral density in both men and women.

Leg Toning

    Many women take pride in the appearance of their legs. High-repetition deadlifts can be highly effective for toning all parts of the leg, from the calves to the thighs to the rear. Deadlifts efficiently work all of the muscles of the leg simultaneously, and performing high numbers of repetitions will ensure that you don't get big, bulky muscles.


    Whether you're at home, at work or at school, you are likely performing deadlifts every day. As trainer Mark Mogavero notes, many everyday activities, such as picking up groceries or taking out the garbage, involve a deadlift. Thus, performing this exercise can help you be more prepared for your everyday tasks. And since you're more likely to be performing multiple lighter tasks than lifting an object weighing multiple hundreds of pounds a few times, low-resistance, high-repetition deadlifts are more practical.

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