How to Become a Virtual Personal Assistant

Work from home as a personal virtual assistant.
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Individuals with busy lifestyles constantly complain about there not being enough hours in the day to get everything done. Become a solution to that problem by offering your services as a virtual personal assistant. You'll have the luxury of working from home, and in many cases, you'll set your own hours and your own terms. Work with one client or choose many. Getting started as a virtual assistant is not difficult. It's simply a matter of letting others know your services exist.

    Step 1

    Get experience working as a personal assistant in the real world. There are different levels of personal assistants, including those offering services to busy parents, small home-based business owners and executive level management. If you desire to work as a virtual personal assistant to an executive, it is a good idea to get real world experience as an executive personal assistant.

    Step 2

    Designate an area of your home as your virtual office space. This area should be a distraction-free zone in which you need a land-line telephone, computer and high speed Internet connection. The land-line telephone minimizes the risk of dropped calls when speaking with clients. The high speed Internet connection comes in handy should your client require you to perform Internet research or access an online software database.

    Step 3

    Decide what services you want to provide. Set a price for those services. The more services you provide, the greater your chance of finding clients. Some of the services virtual personal assistants provide include answering telephone calls, appointment setting, transcription, typing, database management, data entry and desktop publishing. Don't cheat yourself when setting your price. A good starting point for a new assistant is $10 to $12 per hour. The more experience you have, the more you can charge.

    Step 4

    Market your services to those in need of a personal assistant, but don't have the office space to house one. This can be next door neighbors who are busy and always on the go or a social media friend who is always posting about how busy she is. Reach out to business owners and executives on LinkedIn to see if your assistance is needed. When marketing yourself as a virtual personal assistant, mention the services you provide and the cost.

    Step 5

    Look for freelance projects on sites such as ODesk, Elance and Freelancer. Many executives and non-executives post temporary virtual personal assistant projects on these sites. To get the jobs, you simply place a bid for the project. A bid is the amount you intend to charge for accepting the project. In many cases, the most qualified individual with the lowest bid wins the job. Don't wait for others to post projects; start your own freelancer profile on the sites.

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