How to Become a Faster Sprinter

Becoming a faster sprinter requires effort and technique.
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The sprint is a short and intense run that is performed in a distance of 400 meters or less. Becoming a formidable sprinter requires a good physique because sprints are intense and put a lot of pressure on the body. In order to improve your sprinting speed, you need to develop your body by setting up a good exercise routine, losing excess fat, strengthening you muscles and eating the right foods before a sprint event.

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    Set up a good exercise routine. Begin by selecting the days of your training sessions, varying the activity of each day. For example, set up specific days for running drills, strength training and aerobics. It is also important to give your body enough time to rest between each training session. Overtraining retards your progress and can even decrease your performance. Cultivate patience to give your body enough time adapt and grow.

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    Lose body fat. Fat acts as dead weight. The more fat you have, the harder your muscles have to work to generate movements. Incorporating aerobic exercises into your exercise routine is an ideal way of losing body fat. A study from Duke University Medical Center indicates that aerobic exercise burns nearly 67 more fat than anaerobic exercise. Supplement this by including anaerobic or strength-training exercises to stimulate muscle growth and strength.

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    Strengthen your muscles. Muscles propel the movements involved in running. Pay close attention to the muscles of the lower body, as they are used extensively in running by acting as the agonist or prime mover. Focus on building muscles such as the gastrocnemius, soleus, quadriceps and hamstrings. In addition, it is also important to build the muscles of your upper body to complete thecomplex and intense movements involved in sprinting. They improve the form and fluidity of your movements by acting as fixators and synergists as you run.

    Step 4

    Eat the right foods before running. Your body must beproperly vitalized before a sprint. Carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy during exercise. Therefore, consume sufficient carbohydrates before sprinting. Because sprinting involves quick bursts of speed and strength, it mostly utilizes your body’s phosphagen system, which rapidly provides energy or ATP for muscle contraction. Creatine phosphate is essential component of the phosphagen system. Healthy sources of creatine include lean beef, chicken and fish. A 2001 study published by “Scandinavian Journal of Medicne & Science in Sports" shows that creatine supplements improve sprint performance. As a result, it is important to consume healthy sources of carbohydrates and creatine before a race.

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