The Average Salary of Starbucks District Managers

Starbucks district managers make an above-average salary.
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Coffee giant Starbucks began as a single shop in Seattle more than four decades ago and has grown to a chain with more than 18,000 outlets that span some 62 countries and about 150,000 employees worldwide. Many Starbucks employees have made working for the company a career -- starting as a barista and moving up from there. On the retail side of the Starbucks business, district manager is one of the highest-paying positions an employee can attain.

Average Salary

    On average, a Starbucks district manager earns $76,000 a year -- $8,000 more than the average district manager salary across all industries, according to, a site that compiles salary information. The overall average salary for all Starbucks employees is $36,000 annually. In addition to salary, Starbucks offers a package of benefits and perks tailored to individual employees. Benefits include health coverage, a 401(k) program and education benefits, among others.

Job Duties

    While potentially rewarding financially, being a district manager at Starbucks is a big job. District managers oversee multiple locations, working with store management teams to meet operational and business goals. Another key duty is promoting Starbucks culture, values and mission and mentoring and motivating employees to be their best. A Starbucks district manager is tasked with identifying problems at specific locations and coaching store management on how to solve such problems. In addition, a Starbucks district manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Career Path

    Starbucks district managers typically have several years of retail experience and a few years of experience being a district manager in another retail setting. Desired skills include management skills, team-building skills, organizational skills and the ability to oversee several stores in a fast-paced retail environment. As far as education goes, district managers should have a high school diploma or GED certificate. In some instances, a college degree in business or a related field may substitute for real-world experience.

Job Satisfaction

    According to employee reviews submitted to CareerBliss, Starbucks district managers are generally satisfied with their jobs, although some express dissatisfaction. On average, Starbucks district managers gave high ratings for benefits and work-life balance. Some district managers gave lower rankings for career advancement and senior management. One district manager posted to the website, "I absolutely love the customer service aspect of the job. The challenges of managing and executing on various priorities to achieve common business goals I really enjoy."

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