Jobs That Make Over 100k in the Communications Field

Hard work can pay off; many communications positions pay more than $100,000 per year.
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Many communications professionals say they get into the field for a passion of what they do, whether it is writing, telling stories, working with the public or coming up with creative marketing ideas. However, these attractive jobs don't always have the most attractive salaries -- at least not at first. However, as you gain experience and work your way up the ladder in the right company, you can see an annual salary of more than $100,000.

Public Relations Executive

    Maintaining your employer’s positive reputation in the community is an important job, so much so that many public relations managers are compensated handsomely. In 2010, the median salary of a public relations manager was $91,810, however, the top 10 percent raked in upwards of $160,000 per year. Entry-level public relations positions, on average, start in the mid-30s, and with hard work and paying dues by writing press releases, you could work your way up to management – and the pay scale – by taking on more responsibilities, such as being a spokesperson and handling crisis communications.

Marketing Manager

    Keeping your employers’ or clients’ name top-of-mind and sales and profits up is rewarded with a lucrative salary; the average annual wage for marketing managers in 2010 was $112,000. Marketing managers identify demand and markets for products and services, develop pricing strategies and, in general, maximize a company’s profits. Marketing managers also work with members of their own teams, as well as with sales, advertising and product development departments.

Technical Writer

    No matter how simple a product seems to use – a toaster for instance – instructions are always included in the box. Technical writers are the people behind the scenes making often-complex information easy to understand for the end user by writing instruction manuals, product specification sheets and other documentation. While most technical writers make in the $60,000 range, the highest paid people in the field earn more than $100,000.

Television News Anchor

    The highest paid position in broadcast news is also the most competitive position -- the anchor, the person who reads the news and introduces other segments of the program. These well-groomed and well-spoken journalists are the faces of their stations, and even at the local level, develop somewhat of a celebrity status. However, it’s not all in front of the camera; anchors often write their own stories. Before making their way to that desk, anchors usually gain experience in the field as reporters. Anchors in top 25 markets make an average salary of $117,000. Some long-time anchors in major markets, such as Los Angeles, can make about a half a million a year. And famed anchors for major broadcast and cable networks can make several million per year.

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