How to Anchor Down a Portable Basketball Goal

Portable basketball goals can be anchored with water or sand.
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A portable basketball goal can provide you and your family with the same amount of fun as an in-ground basketball system with much less hassle. Portable basketball goals come with a hollow base for support, so there is no need to worry about digging a hole or pouring concrete to secure the pole. Since portable basketball goals are free standing, they do require a secure base to ensure that the basket does not tip over and cause injury or damage.

Filling Your Base With Water

    Many basketball goals come with 35 gallon bases that can be filled to ensure that it doesn't shift or fall during use or bad weather. Water is the simplest choice, as it is easily accessible to most homes. To quickly secure the basketball goal, use a hose to fill the base completely.

Filling Your Base With Sand

    Filling the base with sand is the option suggested by most portable basketball goal manufacturers for a number of reasons. Most importantly, sand is much more dense and heavier than water, and therefore can create a more sturdy foundation for your basketball hoop. Sand weighs just over 13 pounds per gallon while water weighs just over 8, making it the more efficient and reliable option.

Making The Right Choice

    Both sand and water will work, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Water is likely more readily available. Sand is more expensive and filling your base with it can be a messy job, but it is more effective. Basketball hoop manufacturers warn against keeping water in the base during the winter months when there is a possibility it could freeze and damage the base. Water also evaporates, creating more of a danger of your hoop shifting or falling due to a lack of stability. Furthermore, a leak of sand will be much easier to spot.

A Word of Warning

    Safety is the most important concern when determining how to anchor your basketball goal, and all basketball goal manufacturers warn against placing bricks, bags of sand or concrete on top of the base. Choosing to do this rather than taking the time to fill the base can cause lead to damage from the hoop falling, or serious injury to the people using the goal.

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