How to Carry Water While Snowboarding

Cargo pants or a backpack make an ideal holding spot for water.
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Keeping hydrated while enjoying a day on the slopes isn't as simple as hydration during other sports and activities. In basketball, it's easy to grab a bit of water during a timeout, but on the top of a mountain, you're not exactly close to a hydration station. Carrying water while snowboarding takes a little creativity, but it is still possible.

    Step 1

    Look at the layout of the resort and consider your plans for the day. If the resort's chalet is close to the runs you plan to target, leaving water in your vehicle or in a locker in the chalet is sensible. Or, if you don't plan to take water to the resort, you can easily buy it in the cafeteria. If you won't be near the chalet for much of the day, carry your own water.

    Step 2

    Pack a bottle or two of water in your backpack if you typically snowboard while wearing a sports backpack. Some backpacks have sleeves to hold bottles of water, but even if your backpack doesn't have this feature, stashing a couple bottles in the bottom of the pack gives you easy access to water throughout the day.

    Step 3

    Add a small plastic water bottle to one or more cargo-style pockets in your snowboarding pants, if applicable. Although large bottles might fit in your pockets, they can be cumbersome. Small bottles are often ideal because of their light weight and compact nature.

    Step 4

    Invest in a hydration pack if you don't like the idea of carrying water bottles with you. Hydration packs are common in many sports and strap to your body. Basic hydration packs consist of just a bladder for your beverage, but fancier packs double as backpacks. Hydration packs have a hose that allows you to take a quick sip of water without the use of your hands.


    • Drinking water regularly during exercise helps you avoid dehydration. If you sweat profusely, hydration is even more important. recommends consuming between 1.5 and 2.5 cups of water during exercise up to an hour in length.


    • Avoid the temptation to carry a glass bottle. If you fall on the bottle, it could break and cause serious injury.

    Things You'll Need

    • Backpack

    • Hydration pack

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