How to Adjust the Incline Control on Tecnica Boots

Do yourself a favor and adjust your boots before they start to hurt.
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If you've ever skied a day in an uncomfortable pair of boots, then you know why having the right fit can be key to a good day on the mountain. When your feet hurt, you're less likely to be a happy ski bunny and more likely to act like an abominable snow-woman. So long as your pair of Tecnica alpine ski boots are the right size for your foot's length and width, you can make some minor adjustments that can make skiing more comfy. One option is to adjust the forward lean, or the angle between your foot and lower leg; another option is to adjust the "flex" that allows you to move the top of the boot forward.

    Step 1

    Grasp the inner liner of one boot as you hold the shell of the boot with the other hand. Pull the liner slowly and carefully out from the shell.

    Step 2

    Look for the "spoiler" at the back of the boot, where your calf would be if your foot was in the boot. If the spoiler is not in place, you'll see the fuzzy side of a patch of hook-and-loop material -- also known as Velcro. Locate your spoiler patch, which looks like a piece of plastic or rubber with the rough side of hook-and-loop material on its back -- and secure it to the fuzzy patch on the back of the boot.

    Step 3

    Place the liner back in the boot.

    Step 4

    Put on the boot and secure the straps and buckles. Take note of the angle of your lower leg in relation to your foot; if you feel like you are leaning too far forward for your comfort level, take the boot off, remove the liner and remove the spoiler. If it feels good, leave the spoiler in place.

    Step 5

    Look for the rivets at the back of your boot's outer shell. Depending on the model of Tecnica boots you have, you may find three to five rivets. These rivets connect to the inner portion of the boot; removing any of them will give the boot more flex. Generally, more advanced skiers can have less flex in the boot, while beginners should have a fairly rigid boot.

    Step 6

    Insert the tool provided with your boots into the rivets at the back of the boot. Turn the tool in the direction of "flex" to make them softer, and toward "lock" for more flex. This will work for Diablo and Inferno models. For models with the Delta Force system, turn the screw so the arrow is facing upward to make the flex stiffer. Turn it down to make the flex softer.


    • Keep in mind that your boots may feel different in the snow than they did when you were making adjustments indoors, so you may need to make additional adjustments when you're actually on the mountain.

    Things You'll Need

    • Boot spoiler patch

    • Tecnica flex tool

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