How to Add Weight to Plates on a Leg Press Machine

With enough practice, loading weight plates can be a cinch.
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You go to the gym and find out that your favorite leg press machine with the pin and weight stack is under repair. The other option you have is the free-weight loading leg press that requires you to load the weight manually. Don't let the big weight plates intimidate you from using the machine. With a little practice and mindfulness, you can easily load and unload them easily. Besides, you're giving yourself a mini upper-body workout while carrying the plates.

Adding Weight Plates

Step 1

Grab the weight plate at each end with each hand and pull it off the weight bar that holds the weight plates in rows. Don't hunch your shoulder or your back when you lift and carry.

Step 2

Slip the middle hole of the weight plate through the leg press's loading bar. Push the plate all the way through the bar. Add more weight plates in the same manner for the desired weight you wish to lift.

Step 3

Repeat the process on the other side of the loading bar. Check the machine to ensure that both sides are even before you use it.

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