Gym Machines That Lift Your Booty

Using equipment designed for your booty will give it shape and definition.
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There are several pieces of equipment in the gym that you can use to shape and lift your butt. Certain machines are specifically designed to target your butt while others engage the surrounding muscles. Remember to use ample resistance and engage your butt muscles by contracting them and working all three muscle of your butt - gluteus medius, gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus.

Butt Blaster

    The butt blaster machine is designed to target the butt, hamstrings and quadriceps with a controlled, isolated movement. This exercise is performed on your hands and knees with one foot placed on the pedal. Push a weight-resisted bar toward the ceiling or back directly behind you based on the angle of the machine.

Squat Machine

    Squats are a great exercise to target your butt muscles, and while you can do them without weight and still be effective, the assisted squat machine provides added resistance for more of a challenge. This machine uses a compound movement that targets your butt, hamstrings, calves and even your lower back. Performing a squat on the squat machine is similar to performing a body-weight squat, but on the machine you can use the selector pin to set the resistance. Like the leg press, this machine has safety locks that must be released and secured before and after the movement.


    The stairmill is a piece of cardiovascular equipment that mimics the motion of an escalator. With each step, your knee and hip joints flex, working many of your lower-body muscles to include your glutes. To tone and lift your booty, step at a slow and consistent frequency, feeling the weight of your body trough your heel with each step. Performing full steps instead of short, fast ones will allow you to target your butt and get the best conditioning on this machine.

Leg Press

    The leg press machine targets your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves at the same time. The resistance on this seated machine can be adjusted on a weight stack with a removable pin or by loading weight plates on the steel platform. To perform this exercise, place both feet on the platform and bend your knees to lower the weights. Leg press machines that use the plate-loading method also have safety clips that must be removed prior to use and secured immediately after.

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