10 Tips to Be a Better Co-Worker

Build team spirit by becoming a better co-worker.
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When you become a better co-worker, you help create a positive, pleasant work environment where you feel safe to learn, grow and even make mistakes. These tips are just the beginning of what you can do to not only be a better co-worker but to prove yourself as a person worthy of a promotion.


    Go to work every day as if it is the first day of the rest of your life. Smile and greet co-workers with a positive attitude. Be warm, friendly and willing to make friends. Who knows? The gentleman you greet in the elevator today may be the man hiring your for your next position.


    Gossip is a energy killer. Avoid spreading gossip or listening to gossip. Think of how you would feel if people were spreading stories about you and vow not to be part of the problem. Rather than participating in the gossip mill, discuss positive changes in the company or compliment co-worker performance.


    Your promises kept makes other people look good because they can also meet their obligations. You will become known as a reliable person and people will seek you out to join special project teams. Your reputation will get you recognized for the right reasons.


    Learn the difference between being an annoying know-it-all and a knowledgeable employee who willing shares advice and information with co-workers. Your teammates will treat the know-it-all as a plague carrier and the helpful employee as a lifesaver. Your boss will value your input because he knows your normally keep up on the latest changes and regulations.


    Go beyond good hygiene to keeping a clean work space that is well organized. If you are off work for a day or win the lottery and quit your job tomorrow, leave comforted that a teammate can go to your office and find vital files and necessary forms quickly.


    In business, times means money. Show you respect both the value of your time and that of others by meeting deadlines and showing up on time for work and meetings. Use your time wisely while at work and avoid using company time for personal projects or casual web surfing.


    No one expects you to be perfect, but you should be conscientious in the completion of your duties. Realize that what you do may affect the work of others and make sure your part is correct. You should make a concerted effort to thank your fellow employees for their efforts as well, especially when their work affects yours.


    Be loyal to your company and to your fellow employees. Your co-workers should learn to trust that you will act in their best interest, and you avoid backstabbing comments or insults that may get back to them. In their eyes, you should be the loyal sidekick to their superhero persona—always there to support them.

Open Minded

    Keep an open mind to new ideas and company changes. Be aware that cultural differences may make it difficult to understand or deal with your co-workers. Even so, your responsibility is to take a deep breath and find a common ground.


    Give your co-workers a gift. Compliment them on a job well-done. The little bit of time and few words that you spend sharing a heartfelt compliment can do wonders for their morale, and they will think better of you for noticing. Don't forget the boss either.

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