Zero Gravity Strider Exercise Benefits

Get an intense cardio workout with the zero gravity strider.
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To strengthen your heart, burn calories and engage all of the major muscles in your body, all while going easy on your joints, the zero gravity strider may be the right workout tool. Since the zero gravity strider isn’t powered, it's easy to store and works when an electrical outlet isn't readily accessible. The stride provides a cardio workout while saving your joints from high impact exercise.


    A zero gravity strider is a non-powered cross trainer that uses a swinging leg motion to simulate walking. You use a variety of movements while using this machine, combining attributes of stair-stepping, elliptical movement, ski machines and upright bikes. The zero gravity strider focuses on engaging your arms, legs, hips and buttocks in a total body workout, helping you get into shape and improve your overall fitness level.

Cardio Performance Benefits

    This type of cardio exercise improves your overall aerobic fitness because of the motions involved. The back and forth movement of both your legs and arms increases your body’s need for oxygen, which strengthens you heart and lungs. The number of calories you burn during your workout is completely up to you. Since the zero gravity strider isn’t powered, you control your pace and stride length. To increase the calories you burn, speed up your exercise for the same length of time you normally work out. Or, work out for a longer period of time at normal pace. Combine flexibility training and intensity by gradually increasing your stride length.

Low Impact

    Zero gravity striders offer a low-impact form of exercise, which means you avoid the shock to your joints that you receive from other forms of exercise, like jogging. The strider uses foot pads that your feet stay on the entire time, eliminating the up-down motion that can cause pain and damage to your knee, ankle and hip joints. Low impact exercise is useful for anyone, but is particularly recommended for people who are overweight, advanced in age, recovering from an injury or suffer from conditions like arthritis.

Full Body Workout

    The main motion during a zero gravity strider workout is the movement of your legs during each stride, which works your leg, hip and butt muscles. Your arms are also moving during the exercise by pushing and pulling the handles, which works your back, arm and shoulder muscles. The combination of movement engages your core as well, helping you tone your abdominals and obliques.

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