Yoga Poses for Legs

Warrior I strengthens your legs.
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Certain yoga poses benefit your legs with strength and flexibility. Whether your yoga practice is alone in a quiet room or if you prefer the support of a class, the shaking in your legs is one way to identify which poses improve your lower-body strength. You can also select specific leg poses based on the position of your lower body.


Your quadriceps are the muscles located on the fronts of your thighs. Yoga poses such as Warrior I, Lunge, Chair and Bridge strengthen your quadriceps. Other poses such as Child's, Bow and Hero stretch the fronts of your thighs. Breathe deeply as you settle into each pose. Relax as you stretch and focus your mind as you strengthen. Strong quadriceps aid you in daily activities such as walking, stair climbing and even house cleaning.


The hamstrings are a muscle group located on the backs of your upper legs. Your hamstrings may feel tight when you sit a lot throughout the day, which can lead to lower-back discomfort. Stretching your legs with yoga may help reduce back pain. Yoga poses such as Downward-Facing Dog, Forward Bend and Seated Forward Fold improve the flexibility of your legs. To strengthen your hamstrings, select poses such as Warrior I and II, Chair and Locust.


The backs of your lower legs -- your calves -- are used frequently when you stand. Strong and flexible calves support good posture and keep your lower legs pain free. Strengthen your calves with Locust, Upward Plank and Warrior III poses. Give your calves a well-deserved stretch with Forward Bend, Reclining Big Toe and Heron poses. Your yoga session should be pain-free. If you experience discomfort in a pose, don't sink as deeply into the posture.

Inner Thighs

Your inner thighs benefit with improved tone and flexibility from frequent yoga practice. Add one or two inner-thigh concentrated postures to your practice to increase the range of motion in your hips. Strengthen your inner thighs with Side Angle, Triangle and Warrior II poses. Stretch your inner thighs with Bound Angle, Easy and Lotus postures.

Outer Thighs

The outsides of your upper thighs are often trouble areas for women. Yoga helps tone these areas and also improves hip flexibility. Spend time in postures such as Chair, Bridge and Downward-Facing Dog to strengthen your outer thighs. Stretch this area with Eagle, Pigeon and Cow Face pose.

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