The Best Yoga Pants for Women

The best yoga pants move with you like a second skin.
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Yoga pants aren't just for yoga anymore. The fashionable and trendy wear them to the grocery store, the coffee shop, the bookstore and everywhere in between. The qualities that make yoga pants the ideal attire for yoga also make them comfortable and versatile pieces of clothing. Whether you're buying yoga pants to wear about town or you need a pair to wear to an actual yoga class, look for a few essential features.

Flexibility to Move With You

Moving from one yoga pose to the next requires flexibility on your part; your pants should be just as flexible. Proper posture is also vital for performing yoga, so your yoga pants need to stretch and move with you to facilitate, instead of hinder, your yoga poses. You'll find yoga pants made of all types of stretchy, movable materials like spandex, Lycra and cotton blends that are comfortable and won't hold you back -- during your favorite yoga class or while picking up a penny for good luck at the coffee shop.

Breathe-Ability and Moisture Control

No matter what type of yoga you're performing, whether it's Hatha, Iyengar or Bikram yoga, you will sweat to some degree. A key yoga-pants feature to staying comfortable while practicing any kind of yoga is breathe-ability and moisture control. Look at the tags and labels of yoga pants to find those with moisture-wicking properties. Moisture wicking draws moisture away from the skin to the surface of the garment so it can evaporate. This quality was pioneered in running apparel, but is now found in most all active wear, including yoga pants.


Everyone's figure is unique, and thankfully, the manufacturers of yoga pants recognize this and are on your side. You should be able to find a style of yoga pants that flatters your physique while providing comfort and flexibility. There are choices in the rise of the waist -- short-waisted women should look for low-rise waists while long-waisted women should look for the high-rise waists. You shouldn't have to fuss with adjusting the length either. Many brands offer three or four length solutions from petite on up to extra-tall. And there are yoga-pant styles that accentuate slender legs as well as more curvaceous hip and thigh areas. Enjoy legs cut slim to wide with flared or tapered designs at the ankle.


It's not often that you need storage options during a yoga class, but there are times when a place to stash your locker key or coffee card and a bit of cash comes in handy. And the yoga-pants designers have you covered! Look for pants with a pocket small enough to be discreet but large enough to carry the bare, basic essentials.

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