Yoga Exercises for the Hips & Butt

Many yoga poses target your hips and buttocks.
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Yoga is a good way to tone and define the muscles all over your body. If your hips and buttocks are trouble spots, yoga is a beneficial way to strengthen and trim both areas. Combine yoga with cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet for the most benefit to your hips and buttocks.

Half Frog Pose

    The half frog pose is an ideal addition to a routine that focuses on your hips and buttocks because it engages both sets of muscles at the same time. To do the pose, lie flat on your belly and press your forearms into the ground while lifting your head and upper body off the floor. Supporting your body on your left arm, bring your right heel up until it touches your right hip, holding it in place with the palm of your right hand. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to two minutes. Repeat the move with your left leg.

Big Toe Pose

    The big toe pose allows you to work your hips and buttocks at the same time, making it an ideal addition to your session. To do the big toe pose, stand with your feet a few inches apart and your legs straight. Hinging at the hips, bend your body over until your hands reach your toes, keeping your knees locked. Grasp your big toes with your first two fingers and your thumb. Without letting go of your toes, lift your upper body as if you were going to stand up, inhaling as you do so. As you exhale, lift your hips and buttocks. Alternate back and forth for a few breaths, ending in a forward bend position. Hold for one minute.

Happy Baby Pose

    The happy baby pose is beneficial for your buttocks, but targets your hips as well. To do the pose, lie on your back, bringing your bent knees to your stomach. Hold your feet with your hands, open your legs and bring your knees toward your armpits. Keeping your knees and ankles aligned, press your feet into your hands. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to one minute.

Easy Pose

    The name of this pose might be misleading, as easy pose engages your hip muscles as well as those in your buttocks, though to a lesser degree. To do easy pose, sit on the edge of a blanket that has been folded until it is 6 inches thick. Sit "Indian style" with your feet tucked under your knees. Place your hands gently on your knees, allowing your thigh bones to become heavy and drift toward the ground. Hold the position as long as desired, but alternate the way your legs are crossed halfway through to work both sides of your hips and buttocks equally.

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