Writing Thank You Notes to Prospective Employers

Writing a thank you note shows professionalism and proper manners.
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Once you're able to breathe a sigh of relief after leaving a job interview, it's not time to sit back and wait for the phone to ring just yet. The employer might still be trying to choose the best candidate, and a thank you note from you not only proves that you have manners, but can also be one last reminder that you're the best person for the job.


    Write and send a thank you note as promptly as possible after your interview. Ideally, write the note on the same day as the interview to show the prospective employer that you tackle tasks without delay, or no later than two days after. If you find out immediately that you didn't get the position, Northeastern University advises writing the note anyway to develop a positive relationship with the contact, who may remember you when a suitable job opens up later.


    An effective post-interview thank you note can serve dual purposes. Use the note to thank the prospective employer for meeting with you, but also take the opportunity to address additional qualifications that you didn't get a chance to discuss during the interview. Clarify details that might not have been clear during the interview and provide additional information that the interviewer may have requested.

Mail vs. Email

    Given the conveniences of technology, it's tempting to send your thanks via email instead of snail mail, and many career advisers condone this practice. An emailed thank you message is ideal because it allows the prospective employer to receive and read your message quickly. If the employer is waiting for you to provide an answer to a question from the interview, snail mail will not suffice. Typed or handwritten letters are appropriate, too, if they are sent promptly.

Personalize the Message

    Even if you've interviewed with a number of companies and find the prospect of writing individual thank you notes daunting, avoid the temptation to write one form letter and send it to each prospective employer. Personalize each note by mentioning a specific detail from the interview. This will reaffirm your interest in the company and convey your enthusiasm for working there. Bring up a topic that you discussed in the interview to refresh the interviewer's memory of you and to strengthen the connection you made.

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