How to Write a Letter Rebuking Allegations

Bullet points will help you quickly summarize the situation.
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It’s hard to stay calm and cool when you’ve been accused of violating company policy and procedures. Although you might feel better if you let a few choice words fly, becoming emotional will only make the problem worse. It’s a much better idea to take some time to think about the situation and then draft a rebuttal letter.

Summarize the Allegations

    Start the letter by explaining you are writing the letter in response to allegations against you. Mention you would like to provide your side of the story to ensure that the situation is handled fairly. The Sutter/Yuba County Employees Association suggests you keep emotions out of the rebuttal and stick to the facts without rambling. Briefly discuss the nature of the allegations and the date. For example, you might write, “I was informed that I have been accused of stealing supplies from the supply closet on January 3. This is a simple misunderstanding.”

Explain Your Side

    Discuss why the allegations are untrue and mention any extenuating circumstances. You might write, “Linda Smith, executive assistant to the CEO, asked me to bring a supply of pads, pens and other supplies to the executive conference room located in Building A. She had recently broken her leg and was unable to make the walk to Building B to pick up the supplies for the board meeting.” If you have evidence supporting your version of the facts, include a copy with the letter. In this case, you might include the email from Linda requesting the office supplies.

Reaffirm Your Commitment

    Write another paragraph emphasizing your commitment to the company. Let your boss know you're completely dedicated to your job and that you take pride in your professionalism. Remind him that you've been a good employee with stellar annual reviews. Resist the urge to lay blame on other employees or make negative remarks about them. Although you might get great satisfaction in calling out the busybodies who decided you were stealing office supplies, you won’t win points with anyone if you do this.


    End the letter by asking for some type of resolution. You might request that your supervisor or HR find in your favor after reviewing the facts. If your situation is particularly complicated, you might ask to meet with your supervisor and HR to discuss the matter in detail. Sign the letter and make a copy for your files. Attach any supporting materials and send the letter to your supervisor and HR. For peace of mind, you might want to mail the letter and pay extra for signature confirmation service. The confirmation provides proof that the company received your response to the allegations.

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