How to Write a Double Major on My Resume

Include major academic degrees or certifications on your resume.
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If you've earned a double academic major in college, you're probably proud of that accomplishment and want to include it on your resume. Even if both fields of study aren't directly related to the type of job you're applying for, it's appropriate to list them both, as long as you make it clear you're not claiming two completely separate degrees.

    Step 1

    Include college and graduate school education in the "Education" block of your resume. If you are a recent graduate or have only limited work experience, put the education section before you list paid or volunteer jobs. If you've been in the workforce for a number of years, or it's been a long time since you earned your degree, list your educational accomplishments after your jobs, near the bottom of the resume.

    Step 2

    List your double major as a single entry, unless you actually earned two distinct degrees. If you have both a B.A. and a B.S., for example, you can list them separately. Otherwise, cite both majors under the single degree entry. Include the words "Double Major" in your entry.

    Step 3

    Start the entry with the name of the college or university you attended, followed by the degree you earned and the year you earned it. For a double major, a common styling is: Big State College, Bachelor of Arts - Double Major in Psychology and Education, 2008. You can also list the double-major degree as Big State College, B.A., Psychology and Education (double major), 2008.


    • Always include the words "double major" in your entry to avoid confusion with multi-disciplinary majors or degrees. The examples clearly indicate two separate majors, one each in Psychology and Education, distinguishing your degree from one in a field such as Psychology of Education or Educational Psychology.

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