Workplace Safety Posters

Workplace safety posters promote safety awareness.
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Workplace safety posters help promote a safe and healthy work environment by providing workers with quick safety tips. Employers often train employees on OSHA rules and safe work practices. Placing posters throughout the workplace can help maintain safety awareness and complement safety training. Safety posters are available on many OSHA topics. The type and number of posters used are at the discretion of the company since these posters are not legally required. The only exception is the OSHA "It’s the Law" poster. Display of this specific poster is required, in addition to several Department of Labor workplace posters.

Safety Posters

Safety posters should address workplace-specific safety information and serve as a constant reminder of the benefits to following safety rules. For instance, a poster on chemical labeling procedures can remind employees to maintain labels on all workplace chemicals to prevent misuse. For workers who drive forklifts, posters can provide safe driving tips to prevent accidents. During emergencies, posters can display information for a safe workplace evacuation. From first aid reminders to office safety to fire response, safety posters can be strategically placed throughout the workplace to help employees stay injury free.

OSHA “It’s the Law” Workplace Poster

The “It's the Law" poster gives employees information about their safety and health rights in the workplace. For example, workers have the right to request and participate in an OSHA workplace safety inspection. Employers covered by OSHA laws must keep this poster on display. Companies must place the poster in areas visible to employees. Typical areas include break rooms, lunch rooms, central bulletin boards or other workplace common areas. Companies located in states with OSHA-approved plans will need to display the state version of this poster.

Poster Specifications

Safety posters displayed in the workplace are valuable tools in keeping a company’s safety commitment visible to all employees. Optional safety posters do not have mandatory standards for size, color or material of construction. They can be purchased in various sizes, but should be large enough to be noticeable and make an impact. Most posters are laminated for durability. The required OSHA “It’s the Law" poster can be downloaded free of charge in the size needed for immediate printing and posting.

Required Labor Law Posters

There are five key labor posters applicable to most businesses. Companies subject to the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act must display posters communicating employee rights under these laws. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Companies subject to these laws must post the “Employment Opportunity is the Law Poster" poster. These posters are not safety related, but they must be prominently displayed in the workplace, visible to all employees.

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