Workout Routines for the Groin & Abs

Working your abs and groin can help improve your athletic ability.
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Although the human body functions as one interconnected whole, not every muscle in your body is given equal attention. While flexing biceps and triceps may be all the rage at the gym, you have many other muscles that work just as hard to promote athletic prowess and everyday fitness. The muscles of your groin and abs can help do everything from make you look sexy to improving your soccer moves -- assuming you pay them a little special attention through effective workouts.

Groin Muscles Overview

    Your groin muscles, also known as your hip adductors, aren't exactly glamor muscles, but they do a lot for you body. The muscles of your groin help to bring your legs in toward the middle of your body, as in the motion of closing your legs after performing a split. The groin muscles also assist in flexing your hip, an action that drives leg lifts. Five muscles are classified as groin muscles: the gracilis, adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus and pectineus.

Groin Workout Exercises

    To ensure your athletic and everyday activities aren't hampered by weak groin muscles, perform exercises that specifically target these muscles. As with any other muscle, you should rest at least 24 hours between workouts for your groin muscles. Exercises such as the hanging leg raise, cable hip adduction, squat and deadlift can help develop your groin muscles.

Ab Muscle Overview

    Although the term "six-pack" might come to mind whenever you hear abdominal muscles mentioned, this group of muscles isn't just about looking good. Your abdominal muscles help protect your internal organs, support movements such as bending and twisting, and provide a foundation of power for arm and leg movements. Abdominal muscles can also help you keep your balance. Your body has four major groups of abdominal muscles: the internal obliques, external obliques, rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus.

Ab Workout Exercises

    Strengthening your core and tightening your six-pack may be hard work, but finding exercises to help you reach those goals is relatively easy. Many bodyweight exercises, such as crunches, reverse crunches and leg lifts, can help you improve you strengthen abdominal muscles. Weighted crunches, Russian twists and Swiss ball crunches will also help you strengthen your abdominal muscles. A static exercise that helps strengthen your abdominal muscles is the plank; for an extra challenge you can perform this exercise with your feet on a Swiss ball.

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