How Women Can Get Thicker Bodies

Peanut butter can help you gain some padding.
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Want to catch some male attention with heavier curves? We know, many women might be thrilled to change places with you if your body is such that you're asking for curves. That said, you might feel a bit more feminine with extra meat on your bones. To achieve this, you need a weight-gaining and muscle-shaping plan. Don't ignore your cardio, though; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity, such as running and cycling, to maintain good health. (See Reference 1)

    Step 1

    Consume a meal every three to four hours, which allows you to eat more calories throughout the day without feeling overly stuffed. Avoid drinking liquids with meals, as they fill you up and thereby cause you to eat less. (See Reference 2)

    Step 2

    Choose healthy foods. Forget scarfing down junk food all day, and instead opt for edibles that are dense in both calories and nutrients. Prime picks include peanut butter and all-fruit jelly on whole-wheat bread, a brown rice and bean burrito with salsa and avocado, and tofu-vegetable stir fry made with canola oil.

    Step 3

    Drink extra calories. Between meals, sip on shakes, smoothies, unsweetened fruit juices and low-fat milk. WebMD also recommends protein shakes to help ensure that the extra weight goes to your muscles and is not just stored as fat. Drink these after workouts and before bed for the most benefit. (See Reference 3)

    Step 4

    Work up an appetite. Before your meals, go for a quick jog or run up and down a flight of stairs. A brief workout will make you more eager to eat some recovery calories. (See Reference 3)

    Step 5

    Eat what you like. If your food isn't appealing, why will you want extra servings? Go for dishes that get your salivary glands going, and you'll find yourself eating more. At the same time, do not go overboard on refined sugars and trans fats. (See Reference 3)

    Step 6

    Bring on the toppings. Condiments like salad dressing, guacamole and marinara sauce add calories without bulk, allowing you to maximize consumption.

    Step 7

    Work those muscles. Accentuate your curves with muscle-building activities to shape your butt, legs, chest and the rest of your body. Try lifting weights or performing body weight exercises like squats, hip extensions and assisted pushups three days a week. You'll be shapelier, improve your health and even temporarily gain weight as muscle forms. However, the added weight will not last; building new muscle mass increases your metabolism in the long run. (See Reference 4) Don't let that be a deterrent though; just make up the difference with extra calories.


    • Keep a food diary to keep track of calorie consumption and help you monitor nutrient content in your diet.


    • See a doctor before beginning a new exercise routine or drastically changing your diet.

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