What Gym Equipment Helps to Get Rid of Back Fat?

A combination of cardio and strength-training gym equipment can help slim your back.
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Back fat can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Although you can't target back fat exclusively while working out on gym equipment, you can lose weight all over, including on your back. Cardiovascular equipment at the gym will help you get rid of the fat, while strength-training equipment will assist you in toning your back muscles. Together, this type of equipment can help you get a slim, toned back you're not embarrassed to reveal.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardiovascular exercise will help you lose weight all over, including back fat. Plan to do 150 to 300 minutes of heart-pumping cardio per week. As the pounds melt away, you'll notice your back getting slimmer, too. Doing your cardio exercises at the gym can provide you with different equipment options to meet your goal without getting bored. A treadmill and stationary bike will help you lose weight, but there are also pieces of equipment that will help you burn the fat while engaging your back muscles. Row machines, cross-country ski machines and the elliptical trainer will help you achieve your weight-loss goal and work your back muscles simultaneously.

Weight Machine Back Exercises

As your back slims down from using cardio gym equipment, you can also tone your back muscles with strength-training equipment. Two to three sessions of strength training per week, lasting about 15 minutes each, will help you tone the muscles of your back. Weight machines, such as the seated row cable machine, the lateral pulldown and shoulder press machine, will target your back muscles for a more toned look.

Free Weight Equipment Back Exercises

Free weight equipment is another alternative for strength-training exercises on days when you don't feel like using the weight machines. Choose from dumbbells, kettlebells, a medicine ball or barbell with weights to do your back exercises. Include bench presses, dumbbell flyes and lateral raises. With these and the weight-machine exercises, always take one day off in-between workouts to allow your muscles sufficient time to rest and recover.

Other Considerations

While you lose weight with cardio, you can increase your weight loss by adding a calorie-reduced diet to your plan. A reduction of 250 to 500 calories per day can help you trim off another 1/2 to 1 pound per week all over, as well as on your back. Eat healthy foods that support your exercise activity level and keep your body nourished. Lean protein, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and lowfat dairy are good foods to focus on. Take time to see your doctor and discuss your weight-loss goals with him before you begin using gym equipment or a new diet to lose back fat and other unwanted weight.

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