What Are Some Benefits From Wearing Yoga Toes?

Yoga Toes can stretch and strengthen tired feet.
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Yoga Toes are a brand of plastic toe separators intended to stretch and strengthen the feet. The design is similar to the foam toe separators used during pedicures, but Yoga Toes are made of a squishy, plastic material. This material is BPA and latex free, and pliable to the shape of your particular feet. According to the manufacturer and some experts, the product can alleviate foot pain, increase flexibility, and correct toe alignment when used properly and consistently. More research is needed to confirm these effects, however.

Relieve Pain

Yoga Toes lift and spread the toes, stretching muscles in the foot and Achilles tendon. This stimulation increases blood flow and strengthens muscle connections. Dr. Carol Frey, assistant clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at UCLA, confirms that foot pain caused by overuse, tight shoes, mild corns or small bunions can be helped by Yoga Toes. In a 2009 interview with NBC News, Dr. Frey explains that the Yoga Toes position reverses the effects of poor circulation, uncomfortable shoes, and misalignment. However, serious conditions such as injuries or deformities will not benefit, and might even be exacerbated by the device.

Increase Flexibility

Yoga Toes hold the toes in such a position that they spread, stretch and exercise toes. The devices lift the muscles above and beneath the toes, stretching them away from each other and away from the ball of the foot. Information on the manufacturer's website explains that activating the muscles in this way makes the toes more comfortable and, over time, more limber.

Correct Alignment

One other benefit of the Yoga Toes is to improve the alignment of your feet. The manufacturer details the claim that Yoga Toes work to realign the posture of your foot by strengthening the muscles needed to support the improved posture. In a 2009 article for America's Podiatrist, Dr. Michael Nirenberg writes that the position of the toes while in devices similar to Yoga Toes will purportedly help to correct any misalignments from poorly fitting shoes, overuse, bunions or hammertoes.


Wetting Yoga Toes before using them will allow them to mold to your toe shape. The devices can be stored in the fridge or freezer to be used cold on a hot day. You can also wear the Yoga Toes while relaxing a bath or hot tub. It is not recommended to walk while wearing the devices.

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