Weight Training Routines for Advanced Lifters

An advanced weight-training routine can increase your strength.
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If you are a woman who regularly works out with weights, your body is likely prepared to power-up to an advanced weight-training routine. This can boost your strength even more and get you that toned body you want even faster. Advanced weight-training routines for women include a variety of workouts, each one targeting a specific physical goal.

Split Routines

    A split routine is a workout routine in which you strength train different body parts on different days of the week. This results in each muscle group being worked more effectively during each workout, but also allows you to work out more often since you won't be lifting with the same muscle groups each day. Different body part groupings include chest, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, core and legs. An example routine for a woman who lifts four days per week is to do chest, triceps and legs on the first and third days; back, biceps and core on the second day; and shoulders, biceps and core on the fourth day. Complete three sets of eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise.

Strength/Power Supersets

    To train your body more athletically, try incorporating strength/power supersets into your weight-lifting routine. In this workout, you will pair a power exercise with each strength exercise that you already do. A power exercise is simply an exercise done with speed as the emphasis instead of the amount of weight. For example, with the strength exercise chest presses you can pair plyometric pushups, which are pushups in which you push yourself up into the air off your hands. Other power exercises include jumps, medicine ball tosses and any strength exercise performed quicker with 50 percent less weight. Add one power exercise immediately after each strength exercise you currently do, and complete eight repetitions.

Maximal Strength Workouts

    In a maximal strength workout, you will push your limits with how much weight you can lift. Choose standard strength-training exercises, such as chest presses, rows, bicep curls, squats and deadlifts. You will be completing three to four sets of each exercise, but only doing one to five repetitions with a weight that is very challenging. Ideally, you will finish each set of each exercise at failure -- you cannot do any more repetitions. Make sure to use a spotter for exercises in which you cannot control the weight easily and are at risk for dropping the weight on yourself.

Hypertrophy Workouts

    Hypertrophy workouts for women are aimed at increasing muscle mass, not so much that you will look like a body builder, but enough to see a difference in your muscles. Like the maximal strength workouts, choose standard weight-training exercises for every muscle group. For hypertrophy, you will need to complete five sets of six to 10 repetitions for each exercise. Choose a weight that is 80- to 90-percent of your maximal capacity. Complete five sets for each exercise in a row, trying to keep your rest between sets to 60 seconds.

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