Weight Lifting Exercises That Tighten a Woman's Breasts Without Making Them Flat

Toning chest wall muscles enhances and lifts the breasts.
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Breasts are merely aesthetically pleasing bags of fatty tissue with lymphatic wiring that lie over your pectoral and external intercostal muscles. As a woman ages or experiences hormonal changes, such as pregnancy and menopause, her breasts will change. With time, breasts lose that supple, fatty consistency and sag or droop. Fortunately, weight lifting will tone the muscles underneath and around your breasts enhancing and lifting the tissue, instead of making them flat.

Front Extensions

    Toning those hidden chest muscles gives your breasts a boosted cushion to lie on, making them appear fuller. Front extensions are simple exercises, requiring a set of 2- or 5-pound hand weights. With your legs hip-width apart, stand and grasp a weight in each hand. Don't lock your legs, keeping them loose. Slightly bend your knees as you extend your arms out to the front, raising them until you reach your shoulders. Inhale and exhale as you hold here for two seconds, and then slowly lower your arms to your legs. Do four sets of 12, four times a week.

Lying Pec Fly

    The lying pec fly tones the pectoral muscle and rounds out your shoulder muscles -- the anterior and medial deltoids, the "delts" -- lifting the upper breast tissue. You'll need a pair of 2- or 5-pound hand weights and a bench for this exercise. Start by lying on a bench, feet resting on the floor and one weight secure in each hand. Your upper and lower body should remain on the bench throughout this exercise. Straighten arms above your head. Separate your arms, stopping once they're shoulder-width apart. Turning your palms inward, bend your elbows but be careful not to bend the wrist. While elbows are slightly bent, inhale and lower the hand weights in a slow, fluid motion until they are chest level at your side. As you exhale, slowly bring the weights to the starting position above your head.

Lying Pullovers

    Use a 2- or 5-pound hand weight or a medicine ball and a bench or stable, flat surface. As in the previous exercise, lie on your back, feet flat on the ground. While holding the weight, raise your arms above your chest. With your arms straight, count to three as you move the weight past your head. Stop on three and raise your arms, pausing once your arms are 1/4 of the way back toward your chest. Resume motion, lowering the weight past your head, and then, counting to three, bring the weight back above your chest, in its starting position.

Breast Press

    Breast presses need just the floor and a set of 2- to 5-pound hand weights. Hit the deck, tucking your heels close to your backside with your knees bent. Place a weight in each hand, palms facing outward, and raise your arms, centering the weights above your chest. Lower your arms, bending at the elbows, until your upper arms touch the floor. You will feel a stretch in your traps, delts and pecs.

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