What Do You Wear Under Yoga Pants?

Wearing the right type of underwear under your yoga pants will keep you comfortable and VPL free even in the more challenging poses.
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Yoga pants have become one of the most popular forms of casual attire for women all across the U.S. It's no wonder why, as the yoga craze, high comfort level and flattering cuts and colors of yoga pants make them trendy and extremely easy to wear. However, the thin and figure-hugging fabric of most yoga pants can be rather unforgiving when it comes to underwear, whether in downward dog at a yoga class or just walking down the street. Luckily, several yoga gear producers have caught on to this, offering comfortable underwear that stays put throughout class, doesn't show panty lines and gives that extra bit of support in the pelvic area.

Boy Shorts

    Yoga pants hug your bum, showing every crease line and bump that may appear underneath them. Boy shorts eliminate any unevenness with a seam line that goes across the top of the thigh, rather than straight across the bottom. They also provide extra support and tend to stay put during class, as they don't bunch up or ride up the thighs.

Commando Underwear

    Commando is a brand of underwear that gets its name from the skin-like quality of their products. These panties are designed to show no seams through even the thinnest yoga pants and are available in classic bikini cuts if boy shorts aren't your thing. Made from cotton or nylon, these breathable panties are notorious for being completely wedgie free.

Activewear Thongs

    Thongs are a fantastic choice of underwear to pair with yoga pants. Any kind of thong will eliminate the problem of a panty line, and styles that aren't tight around the hips won't cause bulging in that area. Special thongs for exercise are produced by several brands, offering seamless thongs made out of extremely thin, breathable material that won't ride up. It may take some time to get used to wearing a thong during yoga class, but the soft material of yoga pants shouldn't irritate the bare skin on your bottom.

Go Commando

    If you are brave enough (and if you live in a warm enough climate), going commando is another option when choosing to don yoga pants. This obviously eliminates any issue of visible panty lines or underwear that rides up. Some yogis love the freedom of wearing nothing under their yoga pants, whereas others can't even fathom it. If you choose this option, invest in a pair of yoga pants that are made from materials that will feel comfortable when in direct contact with your skin, such as cotton or lyocell.

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