What to Wear to a Kindergarten Interview

Dress in practical fashion.
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Your kindergarten job interview needs to establish you as a personable, caring individual who is professional and understands the practical elements of her job. All of these objectives can be met through your choice of interview attire.

Be Professional

    The most important aspect of your job interview is your professional presentation. The clothing you wear should be appropriate for a classroom environment, which means no sheer or low-cut blouses, short skirts, tight clothing or satiny fabrics. While you don’t have to dress in a formal suit, you should wear business attire, such as pressed slacks or skirt and a button-down shirt, a tailored jacket or dress. Avoid linens, which can wrinkle easily, as well as sequined fabrics, which are out of place in a kindergarten classroom.

Avoid the Impractical

    Don’t wear stiletto heels, all-white clothing, elaborate hairstyles or layers of flowing scarves and dangling jewelry pieces. These are all impractical for a kindergarten class and will reflect poorly on your judgment. Instead, opt for kid-friendly fabrics, clothes that you can move freely in and jewelry that is simple, small and not likely to be pulled on by small hands. If you have long hair, pull it back or away from your face, and reconsider exceptionally long fingernails.


    Use a gentle hand in applying your school interview make-up, using neutral colors and avoiding flashy or garish shades that are better suited to a club environment. Wear very little perfume, or select a light scent to avoid triggering interviewer or student allergies. If you have visible piercings or tattoos, cover them with make-up, a bandage or clothing. While you may see these as personal forms of self-expression, displaying them during a job interview may prejudice interviewers against you.

Shoes and Bags

    Wear closed-toe low heels or loafers and avoid strappy sandals or flip-flops. Make sure shoes are cleaned and polished and don’t show sign of wear and tear. Select a bag that matches your shoes or that shows your sense of whimsy. Carry a briefcase or attaché to hold your resume, notepad and presentation materials.

Be Comfortable

    Take the weather into consideration when selecting your interview outfit. If you wear clothing that makes you too warm or too cold, you will be uncomfortable during the interview, which can impact your presentation. Try to dress in layers so you can adjust to the room temperature. Avoid tight or ill-fitting clothes, which could make you self-conscious during the meeting.

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