The Best Ways to Strengthen Your Lower Back Without Hurting It

Avoid back injury by incorporating the right strength moves into your workout routine.
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A strong, healthy body is part of a strong, healthy woman—especially when it comes to the lower back. This key area plays a role in bending, twisting, lifting and, of course, walking. That’s why it needs to stay strong and stable because when it’s hurt, you not only have to deal with the pain, you also have to readjust your around your limited mobility. Incorporating a few non-strenuous strength moves into your daily routine, however, can be just what you need to improve your back’s condition without causing pain, aggravating an old injury, or creating a new one.


    When it comes to strengthening your core, yoga is one of the best exercises you can do. Because it focuses on careful, strategic body movements, you can strengthen your lower back and core without using weights. By incorporating moves like the Bridge pose and Dolphin plank pose you can zone in on strengthening your lower back without straining the area. Just be sure to take it slowly and stop if you feel pain. Try substituting alternate poses when necessary, suggests ''Yoga Journal,'' such as swapping the Low Cobra for the Upward-facing Dog.

Bodyweight Exercises

    Being able to get an awesome strength workout by using your body's own weight instead of dumbbells or machines is always a bonus. And it can be a great way to build muscle without risking injury. Instead of relying on the use of weights and bars, which have to be lifted, you can perform exercises that allow your body to be its own source of resistance. All you need is to know the right moves, and you’ll get your back on track to greater strength and stability. Try lying back extensions also known as supermans, and bird-dogs for a great burn sans the weight. They are gentle on the lower back and easy to perform without any extra equipment, making them safe for those who have current back trouble or who want to avoid future injury.

Stability Ball Exercises

    Few pieces of gym equipment are less strenuous for your back than the stability ball. And they are great for developing the lower back muscles without using weights that can cause injury. With this piece of equipment, you can work the muscles of your lower back while also increasing the strength of your entire core as you work to maintain balance on the ball. Because the stability ball forces you to focus on keeping your balance, the entire core is engaged and toned in gentle, non-strenuous movements that still provide a challenging workout. Try crunches, planks and back extensions for an lower back workout, keeping your core engaged throughout the exercise for maximum benefit.

Moves to Avoid

    If you are aiming to strengthen your back without hurting it, there are a few moves to avoid. According to the University of New Mexico, many common strength exercises cause you to arch or round your lower back to relieve pressure, which causes strain and can lead to injury. The common culprits include weighted squats, bench presses, leg lifts and traditional situps. Instead of risking your lower back, find alternative exercises that work the same muscle groups without causing the strain.

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