Water Exercises to Develop Quadriceps

By heading to the pool, you can work your quads without aggravating an injury or putting stress on your joints.
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Whether you’re rehabbing an injury, in search of joint-friendly workouts or simply want to get in the pool, it makes no difference. Regardless of your reason, you’ll still be able to get in a great workout for your quads any time you take a dip. Plus, after you’re done with your quad-strengthening exercises, you can also get in an effective, joint-friendly cardio workout by going for a swim. It’s a great way to build muscle and improve your total body health in the process.

Why Water?

    As a kid, you just loved water because it was fun. Now as an adult, you understand that it can be both fun and healthy. Beyond the cardio effects of swimming, water has long been the choice of physical therapists who are working to strengthen their patients’ lower bodies. Because water exercises are low impact and cause little strain on the joints, you can participate even when you’re injured. And according to Black Hawk College, because water provides up to 12 times the resistance of air and doesn’t require strenuous weight training, it is exceptional for developing strength, endurance and flexibility.

Quad Training for Rehabilitation

    If you need to develop your quad strength after a knee or other injury, you’re at the right place if you’re in the pool. With a variety of exercises to choose from, you’ll be able to work your quads without putting stress on the injured area. Plus, with water’s buoyancy effect, your body will float while you exercise, allowing you to perform moves you might otherwise have to avoid if standing is an issue. As part of a comprehensive rehab program, developing quad strength can help you recover after common injuries such as ACL tears, muscle pulls and broken bones.

Quad Training for Pain

    When it comes to developing quad strength, another perk to the pool is that it is user-friendly for those with chronic pain from arthritis or diseases like multiple sclerosis. A recent report in the Evansville Courier & Press pointed out that exercising in warm water provides heat to your joints, which increases blood circulation and allows freer motion. Because your joints are easier to move, quad exercises such as leg lifts are possible.

Quad Training for General Strength

    Maybe you’re not injured at all. Maybe you just want to get in a good quad workout when you’re at the pool. If that’s the case, go for it. You’ll have no trouble getting a good upper-leg burn when you take on leg lifts, pool marches and Fitness magazine’s wave makers, which involve hanging on to the side of the pool and performing dolphin-like moves with your legs and trying to make the biggest waves possible. With exercises like those, your quads will be taxed and toned without using strenuous gym equipment or machines.

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