How to Warm Up and Wake Up at a Desk Job

Fatigue is no way to start your morning.
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Facing your work desk in the early morning can be difficult, especially if you are tired or have trouble getting into the work at hand. A chilly office can also slow your work if it makes you too uncomfortable to concentrate. Instead of staring at the walls or loading up on caffeine, try a few simple steps that can keep you alert, engaged and warm throughout the day.

Step 1

Transform your daily commute from wasted time into a warmup session that prepares you for your day at the office. Bike, run or walk to work to get yourself awake and warmed up before you even reach the office. Not only will you be ready and able when you arrive, but you can save you big on public transportation costs, gasoline and parking.

Step 2

Perform simple aerobic exercises at your desk before sitting down and starting your work routine. There are many quick and easy options to choose from, including phantom punching and leg lifts. Any forceful and repetitive movement will do -- the aim is to raise your heart rate and body temperature, not to complete a full workout in place.

Step 3

Rest for five minutes to gather your thoughts and create a concise plan of action before proceeding with the work of the day. Jumping right into a pile of leftover problems can make you feel tired and as though you don't want to face the day. Spending five minutes to organize your thoughts and prioritize things on your desk can change your whole outlook. When you are ready to go, take a deep breath to gain control of your heart rate, then get going.

Step 4

Visit the water cooler and pour yourself a large class of cold water. Drink it down before starting your day's work, and you will help fight one of the main causes of fatigue, both mental and physical, and break through the wall of drowsiness.

Step 5

Snack on energy boosting foods to get your metabolism going and wake up your brain cells. Citrus fruit and other foods high in vitamin C are a quick and healthy way to pump up the energy. Chocolate may not be as healthy as fruit, but if you like it, it will get you going as well.

Step 6

Drink hot beverages to warm up from the inside out. Avoid sugary hot cocoa and the caffeine blast of coffee. Opt instead for an herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee to keep you warm without causing a delayed crash or a case of the jitters. Eat healthy snacks as the day goes on to prevent your blood sugar from dropping and to ensure that your body has a steady supply of fuel to burn so you can stay alert and productive.

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