How to Walk to Strengthen Abs

Walk your way to flatter abs.
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Flat, lean abs are on the top of most people's must-have fitness list. Whether you want a fully-fledged six pack to show off at the beach or just want to have a nice. flat tummy, you need to watch what you eat and do some specific exercises. In addition, you can also work your abs as you walk around performing your daily chores and activities. Doing multiple mini ab workouts will help you achieve the midsection of your dreams much sooner.

Step 1

Set out on your walk as normal. Once you are into your stride lengthen your neck, pull your shoulders back and lift your chest so you are walking in good posture.

Step 2

Imagine someone is about to hit you in the stomach; now tighten your abs up as hard as you can without leaning forwards or backwards. This is called bracing.

Step 3

With your abs braced and breathing normally, walk 20 to 30 steps and then relax. After a moments rest, brace again and repeat. Perform five sets. As you become more comfortable with this exercise, make the periods of bracing longer.

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