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The Waist Away Fitness Nutrition plan follows the principals of healthy eating and exercising in an inexpensive, easy-to-follow way. John Reizer, a massage therapist, developed the program after he lost a significant amount of weight through dieting and exercise. The premise of Waist Away Fitness Nutrition is to eat sensibly, restrict your calories enough to create a deficit in the body and exercise 30 to 60 minutes every day.

Caloric Restriction

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Before you embark on a strict, calorie-restricted diet, ensure that you have cleared it with your medical practitioner. Although the Waist Away Fitness Nutrition plan is backed by the American Dietetic Association, checking in with your health history is a smart idea. When your body goes into a caloric deficit, the metabolism tends to slow down, as it goes into survival mode. This can hinder weight loss, so developing an eating strategy catering to your own personal needs will offset any setbacks to your progress. The key is to know how many total calories you need and how many you plan to burn through exercise -- and adjust accordingly.


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Any exercise that you perform for 30 to 60 minutes per day can be part of the program. Walking is a great choice, as it's inexpensive, low impact, produces enough energy to burn calories and contributes to weight loss and lean-muscle tissue. Other exercises can involve swimming, weight training, yoga or dancing. Alternate exercises on different days to keep your muscles stimulated in different ways; however, walking is the best overall choice due to the limited cost.

Stress Management

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If you plan to change your overall health through this program of reduced calories and daily aerobic activity, include stress-management exercises as well. Meditation, yoga and light stretching all contribute to the overall experience of the fitness nutrition lifestyle. By managing your stress, you will reduce your risk factors for heart disease and high blood pressure. The Waist Away Fitness Nutrition plan encourages not only exercise and proper food balance but also activities that bring relaxation and enhanced flexibility to your body.

What to Expect

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As you embark on the fitness nutrition program, the weight loss results will not happen overnight. The creator of the Waist Away plan emphasized keeping your expectations realistic, given your ultimate weight loss goal. It took him three years to maintain his ideal weight, after shedding almost 70 pounds with this simple program. If you commit to it, stick with it, and continue to cut calories in accordance with your targeted body weight, you will see results. Add in the daily exercise and stress management, and you have a recipe for ultimate and lifelong success.

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