Volleyball Team-Building Exercises

Volleyball is not an individual sport.
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Volleyball is a sport that requires team members to trust and depend upon one another for success. If there is disunity among players, it can hurt the team as a whole. That's why it is important for teams to integrate team-building activities in with a physical workout. When teammates learn to work and play together, your team can hit the court with confidence.

Getting to Know Each Other

    Step 1

    Introduce players to one another and give them a chance to get to know one another before anyone even touches a volleyball. Some players may only know one or two people at the start of a season, and it's important to start building relationships on the right foot with a simple icebreaker.

    Step 2

    Form a circle with the entire team. This provides a more intimate setting and gives a sense of unity. One at a time, each player should step forward to introduce themselves.

    Step 3

    State your name, age, and where you are from when it is your turn to introduce yourself. Share your favorite position on the court. End by choosing something unique or interesting to tell your teammates that they can remember you by.

Working Together

    Step 1

    Implement drills that challenge teammates to work together for success. A good volleyball team is often built on defense. Practicing the two-on-two drill will allow teammates to work with an intimate group toward building a strong defensive strategy.

    Step 2

    Divide the team into sets of four, two offensive players and two defensive players. The two offensive teammates set the ball up for a winning spike. As in a game, they get three touches to send the ball over the net to the other two players.

    Step 3

    Work together on the defensive side of the net to block the shot of the offensive players. The defensive pair should start at the net and work together to find a way to defend their court.

Serving Each Other

    Step 1

    Trust each other for the clutch serve. Sometimes a volleyball game can come down to the winning serve. Because of this, each player must be strong individually and trust each teammate to deliver when it comes to that last serve. The cone killer drill can emulate this game-day situation.

    Step 2

    Set up four cones at equal distances apart, 12 inches from the back of the line, inside the court at either end. Divide the team in half. Send each half to opposite ends of the court.

    Step 3

    Try to knock over the other team's cones with a power serve. Serve one at a time, alternating teams. The team that knocks over the other team's cones first wins. This drill builds teammates' confidence in each others' serves.

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