Volleyball Foot Work Drills

Volleyball players with better agility can move around the court quicker.
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Volleyball players need to accelerate, stop and change directions quickly if they’re going to successfully move around the court. By regularly participating in foot-work drills, you can significantly improve your agility and speed. The drills should mimic the movements that a volleyball player would experience during competition. Complete your drills as quickly as possible while maintaining balance and coordination.

Cone Hops

    Side-to-side and front-to-back hops develop quickness and agility. To perform side-to-wide hops, place a single cone on the volleyball court and stand to the side of the cone. Using both feet, hop up sideways and over the cone so that you land on the other side. Immediately upon landing, take off again to hop back over to the original side. Continue in this manner for 15 to 20 seconds. Minimize the amount of time your feet are in contact with the floor. For front-to-back hops, stand facing the cone. Hop up and over the top of it so that you land in front of the cone and then immediately take off again to hop back and over the cone to return to your starting position.


    Start at the middle of the backline of the volleyball court. Sprint forward toward the net. Stop just short of the net, then immediately side shuffle to the right. Touch the right sideline with your right foot and then change directions and side shuffle to the left toward the opposite sideline. Touch that line with your left foot, then immediately change directions and shuffle back toward the center of the court. Once you reach the center, back pedal through the backline. Complete five sets.

Side Shuffle

    Straddle one sideline of the volleyball court. Shuffle as quickly as you can toward the opposite sideline. Touch that line with your foot and immediately change directions, shuffling back to where you started. Perform all assigned repetitions on that side, then switch so that you start on the opposite sideline. Don’t allow your feet to cross as you shuffle, as you want your feet to always be in a position where your feet can change direction if needed. Complete five sets in each direction.

Fire Box Jumps

    Stand in front of a step or small plyometrics box. Bleachers can also be used. Hop off using both feet onto the step. As soon as you land, hop back down to the floor, then immediately take off again hopping onto the square. This exercise improves the ability of volleyball players to react quickly after landing from a hitting or blocking attempt. Complete two sets of 10 repetitions.

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