What Is a Virtual Briefing & Interview?

Dress the part for a virtual briefing and interview.
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Before scheduling an in-person meeting, recruiters might schedule a virtual briefing and interview to screen candidates. It is often done with the used with online video conferencing software. This provides the recruiter the opportunity to determine if your qualifications and personality are indeed the right fit for the job and it provides you the chance to learn more about the position.


Reading a job post provides you with some information, but generally, you'll still have questions about the position. For the recruiter, it’s the same thing when reviewing your resume. She will have questions regarding your experience and intentions. A virtual briefing serves as a form of a screening that may take place over online video conferencing. According to TheLadders.com, you'll want to cover areas such as the specific qualifications required, understand why the position has opened and determine the location for the job. This helps you gain more insight into the job, and your response and reaction to the information will also give the recruiter a handle on whether you're a good candidate for the job.


Searching a for a job and securing an offer can be a lengthy process considering many employers have candidates go through several rounds of interviews. For most employers today, the initial interview may take place virtually to save time. Conducting the interview through online videoconferencing allows the recruiter to pre-screen a candidate just as effectively as in-person. The recruiter can see facial expression, body language and hear how you communicate without having to take away office resources like the conference room. You also save time by not having to travel to the recruiter's office.


Conducting a virtual briefing and interview should be treated no different than if you were conducting it in person. Dress the part from top to bottom and also make sure your background captured in the webcam shows a plain wall. Background noise is also a factor to be aware of. You don't want to have the television or radio going on in the background while conducting your virtual meeting. Employers read into everything to get any hint or any reason to dismiss a candidate for the job, warns a 2011 "The New York Times" article on virtual job interviewing, .

Test Equipment

Don't wait a minute before your virtual briefing and interview is scheduled to begin testing your equipment like the webcam and microphone. It's like showing up to an interview unprepared. Test everything well in advance of your scheduled meeting so you can work out any problems and still have time to test it again, advises a 2012 "U.S. News & World Report" article on virtual job interviews. Being well-prepared and having a smooth technical process can also tell the recruiter you are technically savvy and can thrive in a high-tech communication environment.

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