U.S. Navy Officer Qualifications

The Navy recruits a few good women, even for officer positions.
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Navy officers meet specific requirements including education level, commitment and moral character. Basic qualifications must be met before joining the Navy, and officers have additional requirements. Accepting only those people who can live up to the high standards of a Navy officer ensures that the Navy has the right people in the right jobs. Female officers fill leadership and management roles, leading for the Navy and their country.

Basic Qualifications

Generally, the Navy recruits officers between the ages of 19 and 35. Only U.S. citizens are eligible. Most officers have earned a bachelor's degree with good grades. Single mothers or mothers with more than two minor children should contact a Navy recruiter, as children require special consideration and may disqualify some women from the Navy due to the demands of the position. The Navy also requires officers to be of sound moral and legal character, as well as drug- and alcohol-free.

Fitness Requirements

It's not just fashion models and personal trainers who have to watch their figures; even Navy officers have to meet physical fitness standards. Women should be between 4'10" and 6'8" in height, and between 90 and 227 pounds in weight. You will also need to be healthy as determined by a medical exam. Your corrected 20/20 vision should have been no less than 20/400 or 20/200 without contacts or glasses.

Time Commitment

The Navy expects entry-level officers to commit to at least three to five years of service, depending on the position. Most general officer positions require a commitment of four years; however some aircraft officer positions require eight to ten years. On the other hand, many medical officer positions have a three-year minimum commitment. Women wishing to spend time with their families during their service commitment may prefer a shore tour, rather than traveling the world on a sea tour.

Women Officers

By law, women can apply for and hold any officer position in the Navy, with only two exceptions. The Navy SEAL and Navy SWCC do not yet allow female officers. Regardless of position held, women are expected to meet the same standards as men. They go through the same training and must keep the same neat appearance. Hairstyles must be low-maintenance, although women do not get the same buzz cuts military men are known for.

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