Types of Jobs for Visionaries

A wedding planner envisions her client's wedding day.

A wedding planner envisions her client's wedding day.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test is a common assessment taken to determine personality types. The "NF" types on this evaluation are known as visionaries. The "N" stands for Intuitive and the "F" indicates Feeling. Using their intuitive and empathetic tendencies, these types are people who have a desire to help others and live out those ideals in practical ways. Visionaries keep their eye on an end goal and orchestrate the steps necessary to achieve their desired result. If you have these qualities, jobs that suit you are found in various categories.


An obvious choice for visionaries is the world of creating. Many times, people use their inventive energy toward fixing problems they see in the world. An inventor may devise a new system for doing something faster or create a more efficient tool for a certain industry such as medicine or manufacturing. Whatever their dream, visionaries can see this system or tool clearly and develop the steps to bring it into reality. One popular visionary was the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. He was known for being unapologetic about bringing his ideas of making computers efficient and easy to use into reality.


Visionaries are people who can brainstorm and come up with different ways of doing things and ultimately deliver on the idea. Various types of planning require brainstorming to envision how someone else's goal will be brought to life. Careers such as event or wedding planning involve organizing all of the elements needed for a successful activity, and require people who have vision. An event planner sits down with the clients and talks through exactly how they want their event to go. When planning events, you picture the end result with your client and organize each person, place and thing around reaching that goal.


Activists and people who pursue political careers are often visionaries. They may witness a wrong they want to fix in the world so they start charities or seek political office to have the power to change it. They may also envision a different environment for their community or nation, and run for a seat that influences laws on a greater level. Visionaries sit on local school boards as much as they do in Congress. Regardless of the capacity, people who are activists or are in politics typically envision change and so are visionaries.


All types of designers from graphic to interior can have a visionary in them. The landscape architect is an earthy designer and type of a visionary. He brings her foresight to plants, trees and piles of mulch the same way a potter sculpts clay or a painter transforms a canvas. Before beginning a project, a landscape architect envisions and maps out the botanical results. He then orders all of the necessary pieces required to achieve those results. Finally, he puts all the moving parts into place, to bring the vision to life. Other designers do the same with fabric, drawing boards and computers.

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