Types of Jobs for an Online Freelancer to Do With Little Skills

Basic computer skills are a must for online freelancing jobs.
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Commonly mentioned online freelance jobs, from writing to Web design, might require a certain skill set, but markets exist for someone who lacks those skills. Unskilled freelance jobs might not set your world on fire with their largely menial and repetitive tasks, but they give you an avenue to earn a living in your own home. Plus, if you have a computer, you probably already qualify.

Search Engine Evaluator

    Search engine evaluators look at search, video, image, map, news and book results and use guidelines to determine their relevancy and usefulness compared to the query. This helps search engine companies adjust their algorithms to provide more accurate results. A computer, a bit of basic computer knowledge, familiarity with American culture, a reliable Internet connection and a high school diploma can get you the job. You can apply for an evaluator position -- sometimes known as an Internet assessor -- through organizations that have contracts with search engine companies. Examples include Leapforce, Lionbridge, Workforce Logic and Appen Butler Hill. Most companies require you to pass a lengthy test before they'll give you work, but they provide you with all the necessary resources. While a high school diploma will often earn you consideration for the job, many companies prefer candidates who have a college degree.

Data Entry

    The world of business revolves around data. From logging sales figures to plotting out how many website visitors click on what ads, companies and individuals constantly handle data. Keeping track of that information and entering it into spreadsheets, forms and documents takes time. That's where an online freelancer can enter the picture. Data entry freelance jobs call for people who type fairly fast and accurately and who have knowledge of common programs used for data entry, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. You'll have to search for and attract your own clients by contacting businesses, creating ads or bidding for jobs on sites that connect freelancers with people and companies who need services. Some clients may prefer potential candidates to have some college.

Virtual Assistant

    Everyone could probably use a virtual assistant, but businesses and self-employed individuals sometimes require an assistant's services. As a virtual assistant, you'll essentially serve as a secretary to your clients. Responsibilities include handling phone calls, making appointments, checking and sending emails, researching potential customers for your clients, reminding your clients of coming events and deadlines, filing papers and billing customers. Not one of those responsibilities calls for specialized skills, so just about anyone who's well organized and has a computer, phone and Internet connection qualifies for the job. Previous experience as an assistant, clerk or secretary in an office environment is an obvious plus. As with data entry jobs, you'll need to search for your own clients.

Downside of Unskilled Freelance Jobs

    The downside of unskilled freelancing jobs is the same as the upside: Almost anyone qualifies for them. That means you'll face stiff competition when trying to find clients. Scams are plentiful with online freelancing jobs in general but especially with those that require little skill -- data entry positions, in particular, are rife with frauds and schemes. As with any unskilled job, you'll likely find pay low in comparison to skilled freelancing jobs.

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