What Type of Specialized Training Is Needed to Become a Model?

Bring attitude to a photo shoot.
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So you dream about being a famous model. With the right genes for the job, your dream may be a very real possibility. Sure – training’s out there that can teach you how to walk down a runway and pose for the camera, but the most important attribute you need for modeling is the right weight, height and dress size to model the outfits clients sell. Modeling school and training can help though – and it certainly can’t hurt, especially for those photo shoots using models of many different sizes and shapes. At the very least, a school can provide opportunities for you to be discovered.

Physical Fitness

    Even if you’re blessed with a model’s bod, you’ve got to work to keep it lean and fit. Sallow skin and limp hair aren’t going to cut it, no matter how slender and tall you are. You’ve got to maintain your appearance to land modeling gigs and grow within the industry. To hang on to that dream, you need to stay physically fit and undergo rigorous physical fitness training and diet. Nutrition training helps you choose the right foods to eat that won’t add pounds but will help nourish your skin, hair and nails. The right kind of exercise keeps your body in proportion to the styles you’ll be modeling and the image that clients expect of you.

Facial Expressions

    Show your excitement, boredom or angst at a moment’s notice. Cry on demand and laugh like the world is yours for the taking. A successful model creates a scene expected by the photographer with just a pout of your lips or a slight frown, a little smile or a come-hither glance. Training in how to project various emotions through your facial expressions makes you a popular model among photographers. Studying nonverbal communication and body language helps you develop the skills to relate various emotions through your facial expressions. Acting classes can also provide training in effective nonverbal communication.


    Revert back to the little girl dreaming of being a model and pretend you’re a gazelle, a lioness or a queen. Know your body intimately, how to move gracefully and how to follow instructions from the photographer, skills vital for success as a model. Modeling schools provide you with the basic training you need for runway modeling where your job is to show off clothing lines to buyers, photographers and the media. Learning to sashay, stand, walk and turn to give the audience the best views of the clothing lines are important skills for runways models to master. Dancing and gymnastics are other training modalities that can help you train your body to move with coordination and grace.


    The camera sees all. If you’re not feeling very good about yourself, it shows in your posture, your facial expressions and in the way you move. Confidence training can teach you to overcome those times when your confidence wanes. Get some of that cool attitude that you see in your dreams by taking a public speaking course. Maintaining a confident attitude is vital for the camera, so consider getting into counseling to overcome your fears and lack of confidence. Once you reach your dream, keep going. With practice, you can learn to love the camera and it, in turn, will love you.

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