How to Turn Down a Job Offer After Accepting

If you have second thoughts, you can tactfully walk away from a job offer you've accepted.
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Occasionally, after being told you have a job, you may decide that you no longer want it. This may be due to scheduling conflicts or a better job offer elsewhere. How you turn down an offer after accepting it all depends on whether or not you have actually started working the job. If you haven't started yet, getting out is simple.

    Step 1

    Read your employment contract, if one was signed. The contract explains the terms of employment and the penalties for breaking the contract early.

    Step 2

    Turn in written two weeks' notice to your employer, if you have already started training for the job position. If you have not started training, two weeks' notice is not necessary. However, give a courtesy call to the employer to let him know you are no longer interested in the job.

    Step 3

    Explain to the employer your reason for turning down the job offer, if you wish to do so. An explanation is optional if you had not started working with the employer. However, be careful not to burn bridges. This is especially true if there is a possibility you might apply for another job with the employer in the future.

    Step 4

    Thank the employer for taking the time to interview you for the job. Thank him for believing in you and for offering you the position. This shows respect for the employer's time. It also shows appreciation and gratitude.

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