The Best Treadmills for the Average User

The average American spends two hours a week participating in exercise, predominately walking.
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A 2012 study conducted by researchers at Penn State University and the University of Maryland found that the average American spends two hours a week participating in exercise activities -- mainly walking. Inclement weather may eventually force these exercisers inside, and when it does, they'll need to use a treadmill. According to, the best treadmills provide a variety of speeds, allow for inclination adjustment and include a large deck providing enough area for comfortable movement.

Horizon T101

The T101 contains a cushioned deck and a 20-inch-wide belt providing ample space for movement. The T101, powered by a 2.25-horsepower motor, has the ability to reach speeds of 10 mph as well as achieve a 10-percent grade. It is equipped with nine workout programs, is MP3 compatible and folds for storage. These features allow for workout customization with a variety of inclinations and speeds. The T101 would be a good fit for a beginner.

Sole F63

The F63 also possess a 20-inch-wide belt, and its deck is equipped with shock absorption. This model reaches speeds of 10 mph powered by a 2.5-horsepower motor and has the ability to reach a 15-percent grade. The extra motor power will aid in the life of the treadmill and the extra 5 percent inclination allows you to engage in a more strenuous workout. The F63 provides six workout programs, is iPod/MP3 compatible and contains a folding deck

Nordic Track Commercial 1750

The Nordic Track Commercial 1,750 has a cushioned deck and is also equipped with a 20-inch-wide belt. It uses a 3.5-horsepower motor, providing the ability to reach speeds of 12 mph. This feature helps the average user mix in bit of speed work to her exercise regime. This model provides incline variability, spanning from -3 to 15 percent. The 1,750 provides 30 workout programs accessible via a 7-inch color touchscreen display. It is iPod/MP3 compatible and is equipped with a folding deck.

Proform Power 1080

The Proform Power 1,080 comes the closest to matching the 1,750. It is equipped with a 20-inch-wide belt and a 3.25-horse power motor, again providing sustainable life for the treadmill. This model can reach 12 mph and allows the user to reach a 15-percent incline. These speed and incline ranges provide the average user adequate options to complete almost any workout. The deck is cushioned and folds for easy storage. This Proform model also contains a 7-inch color touchscreen display and is iPod/MP3 compatible.

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